Cosmetic Dermatology

Cosmetic dermatology and skin care services from Southwest Michigan Dermatology.

Cosmetic Services

Providing cosmetic dermatology and medical dermatology services, Southwest Michigan Dermatology is Portage’s go-to source for skin care. From Botox® and Kybella® to fillers and earlobe repair, our team will work with you to understand your skincare needs. So, if you’ve been searching for a trusted provider of dermatology services in Portage, we encourage you to schedule a visit with us today.

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Botox®, Dysport®

Botox® and Dysport® are injectable treatments that are designed to “freeze” the facial muscles that often cause “expression lines” in the upper portion of the face.

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Earlobe Repair

Earlobe Repair is an easy procedure performed here in our office. There are many reasons you may need an earlobe repair ranging from gauges to wearing heavy earrings or an accidental tear.

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Fillers create volume in the face to help treat static wrinkles. Static wrinkles form as the skin begins to lose elasticity with age and from the force of gravity.

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Fed up with your double chin? We have the solution for you! Kybella® is a prescription injectable medication that helps improve the appearance and profile of that double chin!

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PRP, or Platelet-rich plasma, is a treatment that triggers your body’s natural healing process. PRP is offered in our office to both help stimulate new hair growth and on the face for skin rejuvenation.