Rooted in the community, Southwest Michigan Dermatology is here for your skin care needs.

Southwest Michigan Dermatology is a practice that was born in Southwest Michigan by people who live in Southwest Michigan. Our patients benefit from this because all of the services that we provide are performed locally. From scheduling your initial appointment with our communications team, to being checked in by our front desk staff, to visits with our medical assistants and providers, all the way to our in-house billing team, you are speaking with someone who lives and works in our community.


In 1998, Dr. David Semler and Dr. Craig Mohney started the practice in Portage, Michigan. It quickly grew to become the preeminent dermatology practice in the area. To keep up with the needs of the community, Southwest Michigan Dermatology brought on Dr. Jessica Liggett, Dr. Ryan Jones, and Dr. Jeffrey Globerson, as well as multiple physician assistants. We encourage you to browse a full listing of our providers to get to know each of them.

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Southwest Michigan Dermatology has expanded from our main office – located at 3000 Old Centre Road in Portage, Michigan – to offer our services at three outlying locations. We currently operate an Allegan Specialty Clinic, a Three Rivers Clinic, and the Bronson Lakeview Clinic in Paw Paw. In July 2024, we will be opening a new location in St. Joseph, Michigan.


Treating patients of all ages, starting as young as infants, we offer both medical dermatology and cosmetic dermatology. It doesn’t matter if you have a spot you’re concerned about or would like to explore options to minimize fine lines and wrinkles: we have options for you!


Additionally, our Laser & Skin Care Center at 2750 Old Centre Road in Portage offers a variety of cosmetic services to help renew your skin. Patients at any office can purchase products from Southwest Michigan Dermatology’s custom skincare line, as well as national brands recommended by our dermatologists.