About Aviclear

Southwest Michigan Dermatology is now offering the first FDA-cleared laser treatment for acne and we couldn’t be happier with the results! The before and after pictures shown here are from a patient we treated here.  The Laser and Skin Care Center in Portage, Michigan, is proud to offer patients energy-based acne treatments with the new AviClear™ device by Cutera®. AviClear can effectively reduce the frequency of acne flare-ups and treat active breakouts in just a few quick sessions.  Aviclear is a non-chemical option for all skin types that has lasting results! Call our Laser and Skin Care Center at 269-323-8241 to get more information.

Aviclear Q & A

What is AviClear?

AviClear is a noninvasive acne treatment that requires no medication or downtime. The first and only FDA-cleared energy-based device for acne, AviClear can help minimize active breakouts and reduce the frequency of future flare-ups. Treatments are fast, comfortable, and require little to no downtime.


How is AviClear different from other acne treatments?

AviClear requires no oral medication or topical ointments. Unlike medication-based treatments, AviClear directly targets the sebaceous glands that cause acne. The sebaceous glands in your skin produce an oily substance called sebum. When the glands create too much sebum, it can clog your hair follicles, causing acne to form.

AviClear directs focused energy into the sebaceous glands to permanently shrink them and minimize their sebum production. The device only disrupts the targeted sebaceous glands, leaving the rest of your skin untouched.


Am I a candidate for AviClear?

Nearly anybody who has chronic acne can benefit from AviClear, but the treatment is especially effective for individuals with cystic or hormonal acne who haven’t responded to topical or oral medications. AviClear is also ideal for those who want to take Accutane but are not good candidates.

The dermatology team at Southwest Michigan Dermatology can perform a comprehensive skin evaluation to determine whether you’re an ideal candidate for AviClear.


What can I expect from AviClear?

Each AviClear session takes only 30 minutes, and you can resume your normal activities immediately after each treatment. Your skin may be red, tender, and swollen after treatment, but these mild side effects usually subside within hours. Some patients experience worsening acne shortly after treatment, though flare-ups should fade quickly.


How many AviClear treatments will I need?

Most patients need three AviClear treatments spaced about four to six weeks apart to see long-term acne improvements. After your treatment protocol ends, the team may recommend additional sessions if your acne returns. Patients typically see a significant reduction in active acne flare-ups within six months of treatment.


Call Southwest Michigan Dermatology today or request an appointment online to learn more about AviClear.